Our documents related to transportation are complete and we have cargo insurance for all transportation. Professional solutions according to your cargo are at Aytaş Global Logistics. Aytaş Global Logistics keeps up with many technological developments in the logistics sector and offers it to the customers to increase the competitiveness of the customers. We have changed the perspective of the companies in the eyes of the public and enabled the formation and realization of fresh ideas.

We work with a team spirit, doing today's work on time and thinking about tomorrow's work from today, and this gives our business an incredible momentum. No matter how you look at it, we have a sector with high potential and a very bright future with what has been done so far. For our future, this sector is needed much more than we think. We have a lot more work to do with our customers, suppliers, stakeholders, managers and staff who think like this and join us. As Aytaş Global Logistics family, we love our job.


Aytaş Logistics Signature in Road Transportation

Turkey's Leading Company in Project Transportation and Container Transportation

Aytaş Logistics minimizes costs and provides cost advantage to our customers. Since Aytaş Logistics is a company preferred by its customers, it takes its power from its customers...

The cost of unit stocks is minimized and provides cost advantage to our customers. Since Aytaş Global Logistics is a company preferred by its customers, it derives its power from its customers. Aytaş Global Logistics fulfills all the obligations required by a corporate company. It provides better service to its customers with occupational health personnel, clothing, experienced and knowledgeable operation staff.

  • Quality Service
  • Solution Oriented Approach
  • Professional Team
  • Broad Vehicle Portfolio
  • Widespread Service Network
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

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We bring a breath of fresh air to logistics processes with our innovative methods!

Our vision;

To be one of the most preferred logistics actors on a global scale by all its stakeholders, especially its customers, offering integrated, digital and environmentally friendly logistics solutions, shaping the future of the sector with its experience.

  • Strengthening its global sector experience with its innovative and professional structure,
  • Taking logistics service to the next level with high performance, efficient and corporate solutions tailored to the customer in the supply chain,
  • Adopting the principle of increasing the competitiveness of customers with integrated services,
  • Providing benefits to all stakeholders with a cost-oriented and sustainable profitability approach,
  • To be a transparent, reliable and strategic solution partner.
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Competition and Justice
  • Satisfaction of Employees and Customers
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Social Responsibility Awareness
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